Ultrasonic range finder

hy everyone i'm new here, and i have a question but first to tell you about my project : I want to have 3 ultrasonic sensors on a toy car who to control the DC motorsi know i need a motot shield for the dc motors but how to connect another 3 sensors so the question is... Can i connect 3 Ultrasonic range finder's sensor's to 1 arduino duemilanove ? ::)

Yes, given you didn't give any info on them, I guess it is those who got 3 pins... 5V, GND, SIGNAL

You only need one digital pin for each.

I’ve got four four connected, and I could have up to eight, IIRC.
They are Devantech devices, and they don’t use any digital pins. (They’re I2C devices)

sorry yes they are with 3 pins. So i can connect 3 ultrasonic sensor to duemilanove so they can control my DC motors ?:D

and if is not a too hard job can you explain how i connect the 3 sensors and the Motor shield to the duemilanove ?! plz :D

sorry yes they are with 3 pins

And they are...? (at this point, you post a link to the device spec)

http://www.parallax.com/tabid/768/ProductID/92/Default.aspx this is it promis i will publis the drawings tomorow and all my doc. :D i have school in the moorning and i have to sleep its nice to know that its posible somebody out ther who mite help :) ::)

Hey, nobody ever published code for the Ping)))s before. (is your spell-checker broken?)

My english is a little rusty. What is it with the code for the ping))) ?

OK, no problem with the English.

What is it with the code for the ping))) ?

Nothing - there's plenty about.


#define fP 5

double pingF()
  long duration;

  pinMode(fP, OUTPUT);
  digitalWrite(fP, LOW);
  digitalWrite(fP, HIGH);
  digitalWrite(fP, LOW);
  pinMode(fP, INPUT);
  duration = pulseIn(fP, HIGH);

  return duration / 29.0 / 2.0;

Sensor connected the digital pin 5, and should return the distance in cm when called. But still waiting for my sensors, so I don't know if it actually works.

This is my “Project” and i want to make the dc Motor and servo to be control by the data colected by the sensor’s and i want to know how do i connect the sensors and the DC motor and the servo to the Arduino Duemilanove. I want to know i need a shield or something … Tnx for giveing a thought

<a href=http://www.filebox.ro/image.php?key=5c3fad2af9f9cba1b4f7782c336e1f6b><img border=0 src=http://imageserver.filebox.ro/ethumbnail.php?key=bdb359a4ab5a0fbb2100045022ef691d>

http://www.fbx.ro/k0ycx1n7dq0vqecp sry this is the link to see the image

any one with an opinion ? on my little project ?