Ultrasonic Rangefinders and Transducers

Merry Xmas All! :)

We are trying to construct a golf training system similar to SAM Sports PuttLab.

From our research with the product, it seems like they are using range finders on the base station and transducers that attach to the club.

We are having difficulty syncronizing and triggering the sensors. We are using Arduino, and Hagisonic sensor. However, the company does not supply full data sheets on the sensors.

Currently, we have each transducer being triggered to go on for 3ms. The range finders can detect the signal produced by the transducers but we are unable to calculate the distances, i.e., distance from the base station to the golf club. The raw data that we are getting is in a range from 900-1300. We are not sure if this is milliseconds, distances, or what.

Any ideas or thoughts would we appreciated. Or even some other ideas on how this project could be constructed, i.e., using other sensors.

Thanks, ADAM

Please read this, it may help. http://instruct1.cit.cornell.edu/courses/ee476/FinalProjects/s2009/kwg8_dmd54/kwg8_dmd54/index.html

Thanks, this looks very promising.

Adam :)