Ultrasonic sensor (HC-SR04) kept 6meter away from Arduino board

I'm using Arduino board for ultrasonic sensor (HC-SR04) distance measurement project. The ultrasonic sensor is located 6 meter away from arduino board. Will the sensor get 5V power without any issue? Can someone help me on this project?

I've never tried using the HC-SR04 with "long wires," but I doubt getting 5 volts to it will be a problem at six meters unless you use 40AWG wire. I'd add a decoupling capacitor or two across ground and +5v right at the HC-SR04.

Getting clean trigger and echo signals to and from it may be a problem. Perhaps someone here knows, but it would be easy to find out by yourself. Just give it a try with "short" wires first, to establish that your HC-SR04 and your code is working. Then try your 6 meter cable and see if you get reliable results. If not, you might need to use line drivers.

Thanks for your comments. Let me try with a short and 6M wire to find out the result.
Will post comment once i get the result. :slight_smile:

The trig may be the biggest problems - especially if you add decoupling caps on the line (which sounds like a good idea, preventing erratic triggers) - you may have to increase that time. A normal trig is 10 microseconds, stray capacitance of the wires plus decoupling may require you to increase that time to allow for the longer rise time.

The echo shouldn't be too much of an issue. Again you may have a problem with slow rise/fall but the effect will be relatively less as the signal is so much longer (milliseconds), and it's only a tiny current.

Power is another thing - not too thin wires and it'll be fine, currents are small. Some of these sensors can work at 3.3V so that gives you even more leeway.