ultrasonic sensor help me pls

I found yesterday an ultrasonic sensor very cheap and i want to interfacing with arduino but i don t know how... if someone can help me... i ll be very tankful

Senzor ultrasonic 1640TOAH12

BPU-1640TOAH12 Ultrasonic transducer 40 kHz

Bidirectional ultrasonic transducers can operate as receiver and transmitter. Resonance frequency : 40 kHz Level of sound pressure, transmitter : [ch8805] 112 dB (30 cm/10 VRMS) Sensitivity, receiver : [ch8805] -74dB/ V /µbar Direction angle : 50° Capacitance : 2000 pF ±30% at 1 kHz Operating temperature : -30°C to +85°C Input voltage, max. : 120 VPP/40 kHz Dimensions : Ø 16x12 mm Lead spacing : 10 mm

That appears to be just a raw transducer element lacking the interface electronics needed to make it compatable for use with an Arduino.

Perhaps you can obtain a data sheet for the device and see if they give any examples of interface electronics required to make it useful.


Yes, as Lefty said, it's just a bare transducer - you need to find a way to drive it with a 40kHz signal, and then some amplification to detect the echo. An oscilloscope is almost essential for debugging.

Unless you're adept at electronics (I'm guessing you're not), you'd be better splashing the cash for a Devantech or MaxSonar. These include drive circuits and amplifiers, and have a much simplified interface.

However, if you're keen on learning, I'm sure a Google search will throw up plenty of circuit ideas.