Ultrasonic sensor PING

Hello everyone,

I would like to ask a question. I want to create a simulation for my robot project on Proteus - ISIC, but in the list of sensors I couldn't find the PING (may be it is new technology so not included). But I have to see its simulation. What do you offer to me? Maybe it is possible to download a special library for this problem an then to update my software. Or maybe you have another software recommedation to me?

P.S.: My project is about a robot which will have 3 sensors and 2 servo motors. And I will be using Arduino Duemilanove controller.

If someone helps me immediately, I will be gald. Thank you all for the attention.

Hi serco425,

at this address http://www.youspice.com/ys/proteuspage1.3sp you can find a tutorial for simulating a project with ISIS of Proteus and Arduino.
In the site are available Arduino projects downloadable for free.