Ultrasonic sensor SRF04 - Arduino uno

Hello everyone,

Here I expose my own concerns: I find myself having to interface an ultrasonic sensor, SRF04 Daventech model with Arduino One.

From the technical manual that I downloaded from http://www.robot-electronics.co.uk/htm/srf04tech.htm seems that this sensor has an average current consumption that is around 30mA. I know that Arduino can provide a maximum current equal to 20mA.

My fear is that, by linking the two systems, they can be damaged.

Am I worrying for nothing? if not, how can I do to connect the two systems without risk of damage?

Thank you in advance bye


Your fears are unfounded. The Arduino can provide much more current than that from its +5V pin. The 20mA number you are quoting is for an I/O pin, and you will not be powering your sensor from an I/O pin, right?

Note the connections marked "5v supply" and "0v ground". These are what you hook up to the +5V and GND pins of your Arduino, and where the 30mA comes from. The "echo pulse output" goes to a digital input on your Arduino and there is very little current involved in that connection.

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