Ultrasonic sensor with high sampling frequency


I am looking for a ultrasonic sensor for distance measurements with a high sampling frequency (higher than 20 Hz?) and possible maximum object distance of a minimum of 5 meters (more is better). Accuracy should be in the range of 10-20cm. For now, I have tested Maxbotix (10 Hz and 20 Hz) and Parallax ping sensor. The Maxbotix has sampling frequency of 20 Hz and approx. 6m range. With the ping sensor the sampling frequency is a lot higher, but it has only a range of 3m.

Do you have suggestions for a sensor? Regards,

simple logic of the day ! requirements are directly poropotional to cost there are ultrasoinc sensors which suit your requirements just check their website

Which ones? I have gone through the Maxbotix catalogue but the sensor with the highest sampling frequency is the 20 Hz one.

The sensor sends out a pulse, and measures the time it takes for the reflected pulse to return. That really does impose an upper limit on fast the sensor can operate.

Perhaps you should explain why you (think you) need something faster than 20 times per second. If you really do, then, just perhaps, an ultrasonic sensor is not the correct kind of sensor to be using.

It would help if you tell us what you are trying to do and why you need a high sampling frequency. The number of distance samples per second is basically limited by the time it takes to return the ultrasound from the object. Therefore the higher sampling rates are only available on the shorter ranges. Exactly what are you looking for? Then you will know if it is physically possible.

Sampling is limited by the speed of sound. For a minimum range of 5 metres, the absolute maximum repetiton rate would be about 34Hz.

On second thoughts, it is probably half that rate.