Ultrasonic Sensor

Hello people!

I have MA40S4R sensor and would like to work with it instead of it's parallax-expensive-brother.
but I'm new to it. can someone advise me how should I wire it. and also, what kind of input should I expect?

thanks in advance!


You will need to supply the Tx signal and amplifier for the Rx.

If you want to measure distance, you may be better off to use a hc-sr04.


I actually do not need to measure the distance. I need to trigger shock waves with them. but what I'm getting confuses me =//

Hi messy089,
Your confused, me too, that device is an RX or receiver, not sure what you really want to do?? Do you hope to record or measure shockwaves! or create a blast of U/S waves (40KHz).

Perhaps we need more details to help.