Ultrasonic Sensors Connecting to MySQL

Hello Everyone,

I am doing a project on a Parking System. I have four ultrasonic sensors, which will display availability of slots. I have already written the code for the sensors to connect to arduino and it works perfectly, getting results on serial monitor.

My problem is now, I have to connect these to a web server, I am using MySQL. I need to show the status of each parking slot (i.e empty or car parked), also create a reservation and parking meter. I am a complete novice in this, can anybody please help me with:

what database to create, tables and columns to create?

How to connect sensor to mysql? How to store the data?

The codes and programming to write?

and maybe the whole procedure?

Thank you very much! Regards

This really isn't an arduino problem. You need to learn how to do web development and database design!

Probably better places to post this kind of question.