Ultrasonic Transducers (multiple)

Does anyone have any ideas for a circuit design that would support multiple ultrasonic transducers while utilizing a microcontroller?

The transducers I would be using would be similar to a Prowave 400EP250. As shown in the below links.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Since it only uses AC tor drive it and there is no included circuit to begin receiving the echo, Suppose you tell us what the application is and how good you are at building circuits from scratch.

As an electrical engineer by trade I'm pretty good at building circuits from scratch. This is a new technology the company I work for has never dabbled in before. Fortunately for me, they've left the lowest seniority engineer to dive into it. The application for now is simply proving the concept of the technology before moving forward. I.e placing three of these transistors in a circular formation in a box/pipe/etc. and measuring the distances, response times of motion, and other things along that nature.

By the data sheet, you will need a sinewave oscillator to get the desired frequency AC, and a transformer to get the AC voltage required.
Then you will need to develop a receiver to look for the first echo.
Finally, you need a circuit to switch between transmit and receive.

doing a search on "sr04 schematic" might be useful.

Also a search on "ultrasonic sensor circuit"

Consider using a 1Mhz transducer of an 40Khz.

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