a DIY automation marketplace

Hello everyone! (you-make-it) comes from an ambitious idea: we want to create a DIY automation marketplace for Arduino(and other programmable boards)-based automation projects.

You may find more about us and our project going to our pre-launch website at

The marketplace system is almost ready, but, at present, we strongly need your opinion about DIY automation in order to build a really maker-friendly marketplace: we arranged a very short survey, and we are asking people (makers and non-makers are both welcome) to give us some feedback about what they think about automation and DIY electronics.

If you have 2 minutes of spare time, it would be great to have your opinion too: you can fill the survey browsing to

Thank you for your attention,

The Team

You web site design is impressively absurd in its functionality. Myself, I would have never considered confronting a visitor with the requirement to scroll the page before the navigation is revealed, but I'll have to try that the next time I'm having a bad day and want to punish the world.

And your initial pseudo-splash page is ... what's the proper synonym for "garish" as pertains to a monochromatic scheme? I'm not sure such a word exists, but your site begs for the creation of such an adjective. At any rate I think you owe me an apology for the migraine you've given me. I'll also accept a video of a ball punching of your web designer in lieu of an apology.

You did ask for strong opinions, right?

Hello Chagrin and thanks for your feedback.

Actually we are very dedicated to the main goal -building the marketplace and learn how to really meet makers & users needs- and we may have missed something designing our pre-launch website. I admit we were quite in a hurry, too.

However, opinions are always welcome, the only way for this project to grow and meet users needs is to get strong and open-hearted feedbacks like yours.

Unfortunately, we don't have a dedicated web designer to punch with a ball... would you accept the following in exchange?