uMMC Rogue Robotics -> Duemilanova

I’m having problems running the example code for the RogueSD library to access the SD fetures of the uMP3 player. The strange to me thing is that I can run the examples for the RogueMP3 sister library, which happily reads the mp3 files off the SD card. I’ve changed the pins on NewSoftSerial to match my hardware, updated the Serial library files etc… and it works for MP3’s just the SD file access dosn’t yet work ?

Any help anyone ? Suggestions what to try and where to go ?


I’m using a micro SD card in an adaptor, which I think should work, at least with the MP3 example it works. Because of this I was also wondering-having problems how to update the firmware on the uMP3 ? the update.exe on Linux using wine didn’t work (i set up the ports etc, but no go) Tried vmware, also setting up ports, no go. I was using the passthrough pde. I saw mention of writing a java equivelant of update.exe, which I’d be interested in (if I could help). Or make something in processing. Is it just a case of forwarding the file contents over serial ?