Unable login

Well finally i can login... this has costed me weeks.

The trouble, once you cannt login anymore for whatever reason (stolen labtop etc). People cannt contact the admin of this website, and thus cannt get help.

So people like me create new accounts.

However it seams the logon validation process cannt handle multiple ID's using the same Email acount. Sending an email with acount reset doesnt always work. TODO :

make it foolproof check serverside if the Email has indeed been send

So then after a while, you try alternative Email accounts Which only makes it more confusing if with luck one of your reset attempts has worked, but then you dont know for which account, because some how those Emails delay in time.. TODO :

The password reset Email, should include the new pawword + BUT ALSO THEIR ID as used for login.

Password reset email adress validation page. TODO :

it shouldnt matter if people write Peter@Email.com peter@email.com or PETER@EMAIL.com so update your account database, set all to lower case make it clear that for email reset lowercase email adres should be used.