unable to compile or upload sketches to Arduino DUE on Mac OSX

I have a macbook air using OSX Ver 10.9.5 I have downloaded the 1.5.8 IDE from Arduino. I am unable to either compile or upload any sketch other than the very Basic ones such as ‘Blink’. This makes the whole enterprise pretty useless to me since the idea is to have a simple development platform. I am not sure if there is a problem with the IDE. I tried searching on the web but found nothing. I am hoping someone knows why the IDE does not work on mac. I would really like to use the DUE since it has the necessary pins and RAM for my project. Any help would be appreciated. I should also mention that I am new to all this. I have successfully used the UNO but would now like to use the DUE for more demanding projects. Thanks in advance.

I am also facing issues with a DUE R3, but with OSX 10.10 just finished upgrading on my MAC I am facing JAVA issues for the IDE. And add to that Yosemite has disabled my Parallels install so I can not try things on Windows XP I am dead for a bit till I straighten out one or the other.

OK, just had finished update OSX to 10.10 Yosemite on my IMAC 27in 2012 late version.
Updated JAVA to JDK 8u25 for OSX
and installed IDE 1.5.8 for JAVA 7

I am back working, and even now can load a sketch to my DUE R3

It does have a funny looking error window on the bottom when the DUE loads but it is working.