Unable to compile using ESP32 1.0.5 - Error "& was unexpected at this time"

Since updating ESP32 in "Boards Manager" from 1.0.4 to 1.0.5 I can no longer Verify/compile successfully in the IDE 1.8.13 for Windows. I can downgrade back to ESP32 v1.0.4 and sketches compile fine. Problem can be replicated by choosing "File/New" and saving the new sketch (without modification!) to my custom Sketchbook folder and try to Verify it. I then save the new sketch to C:\Temp folder and the Verify/compile is now fine. I save the same sketch to C:\Temp\a&b folder and now the compile fails again.

When the compile fails I just get file build.options.json in the build folder and the error message in the IDE is

& was unexpected at this time.
exit status 1
Error compiling for board WEMOS LOLIN32.

I looked at the build.options.json file and it pointed me to a slightly weird folder notation of my temporary sketch location of C:\Temp\a&b\sketch_mar06

sketchLocation": "C:\\Temp\\a\u0026b\\sketch_mar06c\\sketch_mar06c.ino

So it looks like the ampersand & in the sketch folder name is causing a compile problem in ESP32 v1.0.5 and was fine in previous versions of ESP32 boards. I don't really want to change my sketchbook folder (by removing the ampersand &) if I can help it

Where do I submit this type of problem to be investigated/fixed?


Try here first: espressif/arduino-esp32 - Gitter
They may suggest you submit as an issue here: Issues · espressif/arduino-esp32 · GitHub

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