Unable to configure Crypto Chip while configuring mkr1000 on the IOT cloud

Hello Arduino community,

I am trying to register my MKR1000 on the arduino IOT cloud, but the procedure always fails at "configure board" step. The error is "We were not able to configure the Crypto Chip. Timeout reached before we could configure your board. Please try again, and if this problem persists you can write us on the Forum."

Cheers, Bharath

You didn't have access to the betatesting, it should work now, could you please try again?

Hello I just received my MKR1000 and also am in the same situation

Hi @schawkat,
you are already in the beta, please try again and provide more info on the errors you get (any log from browser console or screenshots)

Im too have this poblem, and the mensage ask to visit this forum

Using MKR1010. Same issue.

Hi @luciano5150 and @E_Johnston, we are investigating. In the meantime, could you please check the web console and see if there’s some error printed there? (Right click on the browser and then click on “Inspect” or “Inspect Element” or similar)

Attached screenshot of console.

@E_Johnston could you please show me the rest of the output? It's probably better if you open the console before starting the configuration at all, and then paste here the whole output. Thanks

Started with the instructions at Arduino Cloud - Getting started

Failing at step 3 with the following message:

We weren't able to configure the Crypto Chip. compilation error
Please try again. If this problem persists, you may write us on the Forum.

The MKR1000 board is being for development actively. Are there any pre-requisite steps that I have omitted?