Unable to configure HC 05 "new version" bluetooth module to Master Mode

Recently, I have bought a HC-05 called “new version” by the seller.
The problem is I am not able to select master mode. After switching to AT command mode (flash at 0.25Hz), when I send a AT+ROLE=1, I receive no answer. For information, a AT answers a OK and a AT+VERSION answers V1.0.2.

Did anybody try to flash the firmware of this HC-05 version? If yes, where did you find the firmware?

Thanks for your help.

I think V1.0.2 suggests the device is about eleven years old. This is not necessarily a bad thing. If you only used the button switch to enter AT mode, you may find that this is not enough for the ROLE command and you have to apply 3.3v to pin 34. Check the Martyn Currey website.

Thanks for you answer. Unfortunately, I tried both methods with the same result :sob:.
11 years old, really? it means 2010… :thinking:
I will have a look on the Martyn Currey website.
Thanks for your help.

After spending many hours, I have decided to buy an "old" version.

I won't ask as to how you would do that, and your post suggests that you already have an older version anyway. Newer versions that are suss are v3 of 2017 and v4 of 2019.

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