Unable to connect Arduino uno with Nodemcu v 1.0

Hi guys!
im working on a project where in i need to use a wifi module to recieve sensor data from the Arduino and post it in thingspeak server.

I purchased a Nodemcu and was able to successfully send data to the server using nodeMCU alone.

But my project requires data to be collected from a lot of sensors connected to the Arduino and sent to the server via the nodemcu.

I tried several ways using i²c bus and spi to communicate between the two but didn't work.

Can you please provide me with the code for the Arduino as well as the nodemcu which allows me to send data from the Arduino to the nodemcu just like a normal wifi module or the nodemcu recieves data from Arduino and sends it to the server.

what is the distance between the nodeMCU and Arduino?
if you do a web search you should find many examples of projects using WiFi to transfer data