unable to connect Arduino Yun to AWS IOT

hello everyone,

i am trying to connect Arduino Yun to AWS IOT using MQTT 8883 , using BasicPubSub sketch with AWS_IOT_CONFIG.h , using AWS_IOT Arduino SDK for Yun (2.2 ver) , ARduino IDE 1.6.9

i have also verified my connection to AWS IOT using MQTT.fx , the certificates are all in place and connection is fine.

when i try to use the same certificates and private key in the AWS_IOT_CONFIG.h file i am getting error on serial monitor as below

AWS IoT SDK Version(dev) 2.2.0- Setup failed! -1

If you look at the header file, -1 is a "generic error" which isn't really helpful. I was getting that error when I did not have all of the software set up on the Yun. You need to have distribute, python-openssl, pip, and paho-MQTT installed as well as the Arduino runtime (see this page: http://www.seeedstudio.com/wiki/Seeeduino_Cloud_and_Grove_IoT_Starter_Kit_Powered_by_AWS).

I had to switch to a USB drive in order to load all of this software, then internal memory on the Yun was not enough. Once I installed the drive, the Ardunio SDK, and all of the stuff I listed above it worked.