unable to connect to the arduino form the IDE

im having problems connecting to the arduino board(to upload stuff) from the IDE.

it says:

i reinstalled the board and everything.
i had trouble starting the IDE. so i renamed the java folder.
but now i cant connect to the board :-/

Is there a file named RXTXcomm.jar anywhere on your computer?

  • Brian

i do have the rxtx files
the jar one
and the serial/parallel dlls in the proper places in the java directory. i copied them to the local java directory as well just to see if it would fix it.
but still dosent work

Given that you’ve tried those things, you have more experience than I do troubleshooting Java problems. I’m afraid I have nothing more to offer. Hopefully, someone else can provide productive advice.

  • Brian

I’ve had this kind of IDE behavior when the port was “not available” to the current user. That was Fedora Linux 64 bit. /dev/ttyUSB0 was not accessible for r/w to the user. As root I gave permissions to everyone.
I think you are using Vista. Can you check in the device manager to see if the COM port is available?

I would search for information on using an Arduino board or the FTDI drivers on Windows 7. You might have to do something specific to get them working on that OS.