Unable to connect to third party compatible Arduino Uno board

I purchased a starter kit from Amazon, STARTO Starter Kit. This claimed that the board included with the kit was 100% compatible with official version ArduinoIDE. Based on ATMega328 chip for controlling and features faster transfer rates and more memory with ATMega16U2 chip instead of ATMega8U2. I purchased this one because of the price (Ok, I'll admit that I probably purchased this one instead of one with a real Aduino board because I'm a cheap Scot-at least that's what my wife tells me)
It has been nearly 4 months since I purchased it and I am finally getting to the point where I can work with it and try to learn to program in the Arduino language. I am using the web based create site and I have selected the Arduino Uno as the board I am using. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear to be connecting to the board. I have a Dell Uniplex computer running Windows 10 and all of the USB ports are listed as USB 3.0. I have tried two different USB cables and two different USB ports with no luck.
I also purchased the the Arduino for Beginners 2021 Step-by-Step guide to help me get started. But, until I can get the board to connect, I can't get very far.
To be safe, in case it is a problem with the board, I just purchased an Arduino UNO SMD Rev3 [A000073] from Amazon and expect it to be by by the end of the week. But, I would also like to try and get this board working. Have I possibly missed a step in getting it set up and connected? Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated.


You BYPASSED some important information on the way in !

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What does your operating system (which one) think about your board when you connect it?

I read through the "Lean How To Use The Forum" prior to posting my question and thought that I had followed those instructions and explained the issue that I'm having. What information did I bypass? I haven't even started learning about Arduino because I can't get connected to the board.

As to what my computer sees the board as, Device Manager shows the board as an Arduino Uno (Com2)

It is exceptionally unusual to see them as either COM1 or COM2 unless the COM ports were manipulated by hand ?

A picture of the board near the USB connector may be useful about now ?

My computer is running Windows 10 Pro and I changed the Com4 port to Com 2 yesterday while troubleshooting. I have run the offline Sketch program and it connects up just fine, but the online Editor program, while it will allow me to select the Arduino Uno board, will not let me select a Com port. It could be that I'm doing something wrong in the way I have set it up. I also tried to send a photo of the USB port on the board, but I keep getting an error that the entity is too large when I add it as an attachment.

You can resize photos before posting.

You should reset the COM stack if you manually changed the COM port.

Ok, I’ve got it working now. It turns out that I didn’t have the Arduino Create Agent installed. I’m not certain how I missed that step. Thanks for your help.

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