Unable to download Atachement from a wiki page


I want to download the atached file from this wiki page: http://www.arduino.cc/playground/Code/ResourceFriendlyStructs

But I can't do it. Even after login I just get a rejection:

Insufficient privileges to perform action.

It would be nice if you change the wiki config, so that common users can download atachements.

Yeah I know how you feel...

That's the problem with the arduino playground and wiki pages...


That particular attachment doesn't seem to exist. The link is to upload it.



Download here: [u]Attach:ResourceFriendlyStructs.h[/u]

The text is alsolutely a download note.

But you are right - the parameters of the URL seems to be for uploading. I suppose the author made a mistake. And I hope he will answer to my e-mail and fix the problem.

This is a result of me creating about 20 playground entries in one day. The search/replace function becomes easy to use and the human intelligence becomes undermined. :(

I have no such header, and if one wants to use some of those structs, simply copypaste the code into your project.

I am sorry that my lazyness gave you trouble.