Unable to find any analog IMUs

Hello there forum,

First of all me and my friend are really new to the arduino scene, so please . For a school project we decided to create a simple self-balancing robot. For guidance on our project we decided to take a look at projects that other people have made (for example http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=8871.0). We noticed almost all existing projects use analog IMUs. On these pages we also read that analog IMUs are a lot simpler to use than the digital ones (because converting the data to something useful seemed pretty easy :D).
So after reading the guides other people made we decided to buy an accelerometer + gyroscope combo (which If i’m correct is an IMU, correct me if i’m wrong) to do some testing. However when we tried to find the analog IMUs they used in their projects (most of them being from sparkfun) we found out all of them were discontinued and replaced by digital ones. When we looked into digital we didn’t understand it at all (namely all the I2C stuff).

Any advice on what we should do? Are there alternatives to digital IMUs or will we be forced to try to understand digital?

(sorry if this is a bit of a noob question!)

(sorry if this is a bit of a noob question!)

Do you still use vinyl 78 LPs and 8-track tapes and TVs with CRTs ?

It sounds like DIGITAL PHOBIA http://www.markschefermann.com/#!digital-phobia/c1o1y

When you get ready to use this: http://bildr.org/2012/03/stable-orientation-digital-imu-6dof-arduino/

You have to create the "Examples" folder in the folder with the library files and move the "sixDOF_Example.ino" into it. You'll see what I mean.

Make sure you read the part about the RATE code (Table-6 ) on page 6 for changing the sample rate and also the REGISTER table on page 14.

http://www.digikey.com/product-search/en?pv41=98&FV=fff4001e%2Cfff80113&k=inertial&mnonly=0&newproducts=0&ColumnSort=0&page=1&quantity=0&ptm=0&fid=0&pageSize=25 http://www.digikey.com/product-search/en?pv41=98&FV=fff4001e%2Cfff8048b&k=gyroscope&mnonly=0&newproducts=0&ColumnSort=0&page=1&quantity=0&ptm=0&fid=0&pageSize=25 Have to make your own breakout board.

An actual IMU is a much more complicated concept than what you can do with an accelerometer and a gyro sensor. You don't need "an IMU" to implement a self-balancing robot. You might find your search for the appropriate sensor to be more straightforward if you align your personal terminology with conventional use.

It's true what you say, most of the analog accelerometer and gyro sensors have been superseded by "better" ones which communicate with the microcontroller by I2C or SPI rather than analog signals.

But if you want to use analog, there are plenty of the slightly older devices still available.

If you are looking at the various blogs and tutorials on the internet, where people describe how they implemented their own self-balancing robot or personal segway clone, you'll find that most of them are a couple of years old and the ones I have read tend to use analog devices. Most of those devices are still available, even if the manufacturers have superseded them. Try the internet.

The ADXL 335 is a 3-axis analog accelerometer device, and there are millions of them on ebay, and they are cheap, and just what you need for your self-balancing robot.

The ENC-03RC is a single-axis analog gyro which is also available on eBay. For a segway-style device, you only need one axis. If you need more, buy several of those, they are $3 each.