Unable to get Ethernet Shield W5100 to work with Uno R3

I am new to Arduino, setting it up to read meters. My Ethernet Shield W5100 is plugged in Arduino Uno R3, I uploaded several sketches from the examples like DhcpAddress Printer but no luck. I get this messages:

22:48:10.557 -> Initialize Ethernet with DHCP:
22:48:11.109 -> Failed to configure Ethernet using DHCP
22:48:11.143 -> Ethernet shield was not found. Sorry, can't run without hardware. :frowning:

My ethernet cable is well connected, if I attach my laptop to it I get an IP address. Leds on shield are working, also led on router shows a connection.

When I try to check the SD with listfiles example I get:
09:07:42.779 -> Initializing SD card...initialization failed!

Am I doing something wrong? What else can I check? And is the problem caused by Uno or shield?

Thanks in advance,

try it without SD card inserted

I did ethernet check without SD card, and SD card without cable connected...

try to connect it to router

I did that as well