Unable to get into my account

I have another account under the name "Gahhhrrrlic", which has locked me out for reasons unknown. It will not accept any password no matter how many times I reset it. Therefore I was unable to post until I made this account. All attempts to email support failed because I got no reply, even after repeatedly following up and asking for a response.

I have accrued quite a bit of information under that account name and would like to retain it. Please re-activate or fix the password on that account so that I can log in again. Simply resetting it has not worked for me so it must be some other problem. Please advise.

I know that some people recently ran into the issue that the login has become case sensitive.

You might find other information by checking the relevant issue reports here:

Wait... you mean the login name, not just the password, is case sensitive? How the heck would we have ever figured that out? Also what's up with the support email being dead?

It is not fixed. No way