Unable to identify Temprature Sensor in MKR1000 kit

I am absolutely new to Arduino world but working with web and Mobile apps. I am Unable to identify Temperature Sensor in my MKR1000 kit that i purchased. Can anyone help?

Where can i get info. about the board components ,pins etc and the various sensors coming the kit?

Thanks in advance.


Simply read the contents list for the kit.

Its a TMP36 and looks like a transistor (little black 3 legged bug) but the marking on it will tell you.
They are an analog device and are very common in the Arduino world so hooking it up is very simple.
Google is your best friend as there are lots of tutorials for it.

Same with the other similar looking devices in there they are almost always marked.

If there are any components you really dont get just post a picture and we can tell you.