Unable to initialize LCD TC1602D-01

Hi everyone,

I bought a LDC TC1602D-01 2x16 today, 'cause the previous one - SSC2M16ULGY-03 2K04-50 - got broken (gf sit on it, happens.)

I've connected wires the same way I did with former LCD display, but suddenly I've found out the new one is not working. The only one thing that is being displayed is one line of black boxes.

After looking for solve to my problem and digging through tons of useless information in the internet, I've discovered that LCD propably is simply not initialised. In my noobish opinion the initialization sequence for new LCD differs from Hitachi HD44780 sequence. I've even found the flow chart of initlialization of new one, but after whole night spent on trying to do anything with it I had to admit that it's beyond my reach.

How can I change initialization sequence? Can I do it from arduino-programming level, or I have to dive into the libraries?

Or maybe the problem lays somewhere else?

here is the flow chart of LCD initialization chart (page 15 of datasheet): http://www.vatronix.com/upload/download/20111224121736_48530.pdf