unable to install Arduino UNO on win XP

I am following instructions and everything is ok till the last step when I get the message: “Device cannot start (Code 10)”. I try to update the drivers but the message says that “driver file installed is the best already”. So the Arduino Uno icon remains disabled.I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but the end result is always the same. I know there is another topic for the same problem in the forum, but the author didn’t explain how he fixed it…Anyone can help me, please?


Goto Start button->control panel->system
click hardware tab then device manager

and yellow triangles?

Go into Control panel > System > Device manager > Unknown devices > Update the unknown device into the drives folder unto the arduino. It should now work. And you are saying that you used the websites instruction so uninstall the whole program and re install it.

Did you tried this?:

Thank you all, guys! ...But:

and yellow triangles?

it remains on arduino icon... =(

Dear Diod...I have tried 4 times to uninstall and reinstall...it doesn't work...

eried I tried your setup and everything is ok, but when I uploaded the code, but the error message says "COM1 not found" --> I went to the control panel, changed the COM of Arduino, but at the end it was the same: device cannot start, error code 10! =((

Try another machine, another cable.

If arduino still don't work it is probably something in the board :confused:

I have tried another machine with Win 7. it didn't recognize the board...
I go searching for another cable...hoping it's not the board... =S
Thank you!

It can be the small chip in the board or the big one. There are still hopes, the small one is most probably to be the culprit in this case

Do not use COM1. if you used my instructions step by step there should be an updated port COM4.

Diod. :slight_smile: