Unable to install drivers and cannot find COM ports in Window 10

My old Laptop honked on me and I have to go through the normal song and dance to setup my UNO. I was successful in downloading IDE. that is the end of it. Very frustrated. Can any expert help me to install the port and drivers?

Thanks very much
Your hep is greatly appreciated.

Do you see a new device appear in Device Manager when you plug the USB cable of your Uno into the computer?

On Device Manager, it does not say anywhere Arduino. It says USB Serial port as COM3. I set the Serial port as COM3 and that is the only selection available.
Thank you for helping me. I do not know what to look for.

Yes. I was able to get the COM3 connected. How do I check my sketch is uploaded?

If you disconnect the Uno, does COM3 disappear? If so, you have the correct port.

The IDE will tell you if the sketch is successfully uploaded. Further you can test by uploading e.g. blink; if you think it works, modify the timing of blink (e.g. three seconds on, one second off) and upload again; is the change reflected.

If Serial is working, how can I see what I send through Loopback activity?

Open serial monitor and type something; it should be echoed when you click the send button.

On Device Manager, it does not say anywhere Arduino. It says USB Serial port as COM3.

If it's not an Uno with 16U2, device manager will not know that it's an Uno and hence not say that it's an Uno. For a clone without 16U2, USB serial port sounds right.

Thank you for all the suggestions and contribution. I greatly appreciated it.

I managed to get the programs working on my UNO. I modified the BLINK program to add serial communication with ON when Led is ON and vice versa. Perfectly works.

Help greatly appreciated.