Unable to install EspExceptionDecoder in Arduino IDE 1.8.10

I've been trying to install the tool to decode the errors of the ESP8266 for several days, following the instructions on the project's github page but there's no way...

The steps I'm following:

  1. Download the project in a compressed file
  2. In the folder with the Arduino projects (in my case I use MAC it is ~/Documents/Arduino) I create the tools folder
  3. Inside the tools folder I create another folder named EspExceptionDecoder and I unzip the project
  4. Arduino start..

In theory following these steps I should get the tool in the tools tab, but nothing appears. I don't know if it is the Arduino version of the SDI or if I am doing something wrong...

You are missing one folder. The folder structure should look like this:

{sketchbook folder}

The point is that i don't find the file .jar anywhere in the downloaded files from github but a .java, so I understand that the unziped folder contains a code that somehow is compiled and generates the .jar or that the .zip downloaded from github has to be extension renamed to .jar and placed in the folder you said...

They are available on the Releases page:

It's in EspExceptionDecoder-1.1.0.zip