Unable to install plugin


I am new to both Arduino and the forum and wanted to ask for some help with installing the Create plugin. I have a Genuino 101 and am using Windows 10. I have tried installing several times using both Chrome and Firefox but it always seems to fall over at the same point. The error message I keep getting

is "No Plugin Connection. Uploading is disabled until you reconnect. "

I have restarted the browsers and reinstalled the plugin numerous times but it won’t get any further. If any one has any advice for me I would be grateful.

Many thanks,

P.S. I keep getting a warning about an expired certificate while trying to install the plugin if this helps…

The EXACT error messages would be helpful.

Did you try to run the plugin as Administrator ? it seems to help on occasion.

Also you need to AGREE to the certificates and maybe firewall and drivers otherwise it will not work.

I would suggest you also read some more of the posts on this section as some of them are relevant to your situation.