Unable to install plugin

I'm using Safari on a Mac (Sierra) and I don't succeed in installing the plugin. It will download, it will start, but ends with saying: error removing service ArduinoCreateAgent.

What can possible go wrong here?

Dirk W. Dijkstra
The Netherlands

Hi dwdijkstra,
the installer routine checks if an instance of the agent is already installed before continuing, and in that case removes the related Service (so it can refresh it with the new content).
The snippet in the installer is the following


If this action is taken, it means that ${installdir}/ArduinoCreateAgent.app/ exists. Could you double check if it exists, and delete in in this case? Afterwards, the installer should complete successfully

Thanks facchinm, this was helpful. It turned out that mij Navionics software interfered with the install. After uninstalling the Agent (it did exist) as well as Navionics the install procedure started for the first time. So I thought all was well.

Unfortunatelly now it says: unable to register service ArduinoCreateAgent...