Unable to Open Arduino IDE 1.8.11 or 1.8.12 on MacOS 10.15

Although the runtime is signed, permissions must be set for Automation->Apple Events. tccd force kills the Application within 1 second. This can not be bypassed.

Prompting policy for hardened runtime; service: kTCCServiceAppleEvents requires entitlement com.apple.security.automation.apple-events but it is missing for ACC:{ID: cc.arduino.Arduino, PID[68315], auid: 501, euid: 501, binary path: ‘/private/var/folders/bv/fkl_41ws35n4tpvyqlxyg9rm0000gn/T/AppTranslocation/EC1CED8A-188B-42C8-AAC8-5DC7B996024E/d/Arduino.app/Contents/MacOS/Arduino’}, REQ:{ID: com.apple.appleeventsd, PID[374], auid: 55, euid: 55, binary path: ‘/System/Library/CoreServices/appleeventsd’}