Unable to read pins on Uno Power on using Firmata

Hello guys,

I have standard Firmata loaded on my Arduino UNO and writing an application in vb.net that uses firmatavb.dll library.

When I power on the Arduino, even though I have digital pin 5 connected to a closed switch (i.e. +5v flowing to pin 5). The pin register low. The only way for it to read high is by using a diagnostic software (i.e. Firmata_test.exe) and physically flipping the switch on and off. After that, the pin reads high.

Using a simple sketch, the pin does register high at power on.

Any ideas?


Are you telling the firmata.dll that the pin is an INPUT pin? They are by default on the Arduino, but maybe the dll makes some different assumptions.


Yes I am "initializing the pins" as input and output pins via the DLL.