Unable to Save As

Using Windows 11
Unable to create a newer version of a sketch using the Save As... feature.
Have a file that I call Check.ino. Need to add code then save as CheckV1.ino. I need Check.ino for other purposes.

Using Save As... ,The IDE prompts with "Are you sure you want to close the sketch"
Well, yes I want to save the sketch 'Check' as is and CheckV1 with the changes as well but then in smaller font "Any unsaved changes will not be saved"

I don't use "save as" for my intermediate backups, I simply zip the whole project folder.

Hi @electronmanx. Thanks for giving the Arduino IDE 2.0.0 release candidate a try and for your report.

This bug is being tracked by the Arduino IDE developers here:

If you have a GitHub account, you can subscribe to that issue to get notifications on any new developments.

My problem with the Save As... is that it IDE 2.0 saved the file as CheckV1 but without the code changes. The popup window throws me because I did not wish to close Check.ino.

With IDE 1.8.19, using Save As... saved the changes that I made as CheckV1.ino. I could then just close Check.ino without saving. This gave me a way of tracking in how I developed coding and gave me a way to backtrack to a sketch file that worked.

I need to say that I like the IDE 2.0. It has great potential.

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