Unable to see Arduino on COM3 after upgrade

I've been running 0022 for a while now with no problems. When I plug the Arduino in it gets detected at COM3 and then on the software I select COM3 and can program it. After upgrading to 0023 I no longer have a COM3 - the Arduino is detected under window Win7 and assigned to COM3 under device manager but the software doesnt let me select COM3.

Going back to 0022 seems to solve the problem.

Any ideas?

Hmm, weird. 0022 and 0023 should be basically identical. Did you have 0022 running when you tried with 0023? What if you copy the RXTX files from 0022 over to 0023?

Super weird now. I recopied all the files, same problem. Restarted my computer and now its all working. :blush:

My laptop does this programming over bluetooth. The Arduino will be in device manager as Com8 (USB) or Com4 (Bluetooth), and it's always there on USB, but on bluetooth, I have to go to device properties, de-configure it, re-configure it, then it'll show com4 in the IDE as an option...until I program..then I have to repeat.

I have a problem with COM3 also, but I'm using 0022. Every once in a while COM3 will disappear. COM4 disappeared and hasn't come back at all. I mean, COM4 is no longer even listed in the Device Manager. Is it possible to damage a communications port with the Arduino? Is this likely a hardware or software problem?