Unable to select port for my arduino uno

I am using Arduino 1.8.5 on my windows 10 pro. I have compiled my sketch but unable to upload since i am having no option to select the port. I tried troubleshooting with the help of this forum and other youtube videos. I went to device manager and selected 'PORT (COM & LPT). In that, i selected Arduino Uno from Arduino llc (arduino.cc). When i update the driver and select manually for the location, the message i am getting is that "Best driver has already been installed." I am still not able to select the port with it. What shouLD i DO????

  1. On Windows' Device Manager, under Ports (COM & LPT), what port is shown for the Arduino?

  2. On Arduino IDE, under menu Tools / Ports, what are the ports listed?

  3. When you connect the Arduino, is there any pop-up or a sound telling you the board is connected?

  4. Is there any indication on the board telling you it is connected?

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