Unable to start Arduino software

Help – I have been using the Arduino software for a few years now without any problems. The other day I changed the “preferences” tab to point to a different location on my computer and now I am unable to start the Arduino software. Seeing as I’m unable to start the Arduino software, I’m unable to change the “Preferences back to what it was previously.
When I click on the Desktop ICON, the software starts momentarily then stops and disappears again. I have tried re-installing the software from the latest version to many previous versions all to no avail. I’m using Windows 7 operating system.

Any help would be greatly appreciated


Hi waiata,

See my solution in the link below



Hi Gary

Thanks for that, yes it looks like the same issue. I have tried a few of the suggestions but at the moment still no joy. However I will pursue it further. Thanks again, will follow your post with interest.

Regards Alfred