Unable to Successfully Record Audio with the VS1053.

Hello all, I am working on a research project recording bird songs. For lack of a better term, I am the resident computer scientist. We are trying to use an Arduino and the VS1053 to record birds that have been tagged with an RFID chip. When a tagged bird comes close enough to our antenna for a read, we want to begin recording.

The RFID reader works, but the audio recording does not. We've used code from OGG recording sketch (Ogg Recorder | Adafruit VS1053 MP3/AAC/Ogg/MIDI/WAV Codec Breakout Tutorial | Adafruit Learning System) but have been unsuccessful. We then tried to use WAV recording using mods from a guy named 'jonlab' over on the Adadfruit forums to record wave files and have also been unsuccessful with that method.

I've posted a link to the code, I'm hoping we could get some help on this. I would have posted the code directly, but its too long.


The code added to the VS1053 library.

void Adafruit_VS1053::startRecordWav(boolean mic)
    while (! readyForData() );
    sciWrite(VS1053_SCI_AICTRL0, 16000);    //Sample rate between 8000 and 48000
    sciWrite(VS1053_SCI_AICTRL1, 0);        //Recording gain : 1024 : 1.If 0, use AGC
    sciWrite(VS1053_SCI_AICTRL2, 4096);     //Maximum AGC level: 1024 = 1. Only used if SCI_AICTRL1 is set to 0.
    //Miscellaneous bits that also must be set before recording.
    sciWrite(VS1053_SCI_AICTRL3, 0); //joint stereo AGC + IMA ADPCM
    //sciWrite(VS1053_SCI_AICTRL3, 2); //LEFT only
    //sciWrite(VS1053_SCI_AICTRL3, 3); //RIGHT only
    //sciWrite(VS1053_SCI_AICTRL3, 4); //joint stereo AGC + LINEAR PCM
    if (mic)
        sciWrite(VS1053_REG_MODE, VS1053_MODE_SM_RESET | VS1053_MODE_SM_ADPCM | VS1053_MODE_SM_SDINEW);
        sciWrite(VS1053_REG_MODE, VS1053_MODE_SM_RESET | VS1053_MODE_SM_LINE1 | VS1053_MODE_SM_ADPCM | VS1053_MODE_SM_SDINEW);
    while (! readyForData() ); //!!!!!!!!!!!!
    //IMA fix patch
    sciWrite(VS1053_REG_WRAMADDR, 0x8010);
    sciWrite(VS1053_REG_WRAM, 0x3e12);
    sciWrite(VS1053_REG_WRAM, 0xb817);
    sciWrite(VS1053_REG_WRAM, 0x3e14);
    sciWrite(VS1053_REG_WRAM, 0xf812);
    sciWrite(VS1053_REG_WRAM, 0x3e01);
    sciWrite(VS1053_REG_WRAM, 0xb811);
    sciWrite(VS1053_REG_WRAM, 0x0007);
    sciWrite(VS1053_REG_WRAM, 0x9717);
    sciWrite(VS1053_REG_WRAM, 0x0020);
    sciWrite(VS1053_REG_WRAM, 0xffd2);
    sciWrite(VS1053_REG_WRAM, 0x0030);
    sciWrite(VS1053_REG_WRAM, 0x11d1);
    sciWrite(VS1053_REG_WRAM, 0x3111);
    sciWrite(VS1053_REG_WRAM, 0x8024);
    sciWrite(VS1053_REG_WRAM, 0x3704);
    sciWrite(VS1053_REG_WRAM, 0xc024);
    sciWrite(VS1053_REG_WRAM, 0x3b81);
    sciWrite(VS1053_REG_WRAM, 0x8024);
    sciWrite(VS1053_REG_WRAM, 0x3101);
    sciWrite(VS1053_REG_WRAM, 0x8024);
    sciWrite(VS1053_REG_WRAM, 0x3b81);
    sciWrite(VS1053_REG_WRAM, 0x8024);
    sciWrite(VS1053_REG_WRAM, 0x3f04);
    sciWrite(VS1053_REG_WRAM, 0xc024);
    sciWrite(VS1053_REG_WRAM, 0x2808);
    sciWrite(VS1053_REG_WRAM, 0x4800);
    sciWrite(VS1053_REG_WRAM, 0x36f1);
    sciWrite(VS1053_REG_WRAM, 0x9811);
    sciWrite(VS1053_REG_WRAMADDR, 0x8028);
    sciWrite(VS1053_REG_WRAM, 0x2a00);
    sciWrite(VS1053_REG_WRAM, 0x040e);

void Adafruit_VS1053::stopRecordWav(void) {
    sciWrite(VS1053_SCI_AICTRL3, 1);

The relevant bits are located in the loop and the writeRecordedData functions. Any help is appreciated!

Edit: Specifically, we are able to create .WAV files on the SD card but they are always either 0 or 1 kb large and the 1kb files are reported as corrupt.

It's not perfect. But this guy has the begining of an answer, check it out.

Record voice by vs1053

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