Unable to transmit Sensor data using XBee


I’m trying to send data from one node to another using xbee connected to arduino.

Node: Arduino Uno, Xbee S2
Coordinator: Arduino Mega, Xbee S2

Problem: When I send dummy values, for example temp=34.23 from the node, it is received at the coordinator. However, when I try to read the temperature sensor value and send it, it does not get transmitted. The temperature function works fine since I can see the right temperature on the serial window at the node.

What could be the problem?

NodeOne.ino (3.4 KB)

What are you sending the data to?

  String temps=String(temp,DEC);

This just pisses away resources and accomplishes nothing that



Do you KNOW that temps is even being constructed correctly?

What does the receiver code look like?