Unable to upload after installing new 328P-PU on an UNO *SOLVED*

So my board was working without a problem. My project then required me to pull the chip to use it externally. I have been programing it externally using the Uno w/o a chip on it. So I wanted to do some other testing not using the external Atmega, so I decided to pull out one of my backup Atmega's. I tried one and wasn't sure if that was a previously burnt out one so I opened up a fresh one from SparkFun that has the boot loader already on it. I see the "L" led blinking when I turn the board on and when I try to upload a sketch... but it just fails and gives me an error saying to look up some of the common uploading issues. Any ideas? I don't have access to the chip that I was previously using (which is currently external on a project), but I will be getting a hold of it in the next day or two to test. Still though, a fresh chip from SF with the boot loader... what could it be? The board was just working to program externally.

Might be bootloaded as something besides Uno. Try Duemilanove as the board type. Or the fuses may be set incorrectly.

Get yourself an Atmel AVR ISP MKii and install a known bootloader on your chips. Good to have a tool or two to help with your projects.

Gosh darn, it does have the boot loader for the Duem. Guess I got to get some tools to fix that. Thanks so much, it was bug'n me out.

Does not supply power (unless hacked), board must be powered elsewhere.
I usually use an FTDI Basic (or equivalent).
Here's a MKii bootloading a 1284 board while powered from FTDI Basic.