Unable to use AVRISP MKII to burn bootloader - Part 2


I found this topic on the old read only forum(http://www.arduino.cc/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1228502992). I found a solution, this was a pain for me, so hopefully this help others. I have Win XP SP3. As was mentioned in the referenced post, it is a problem with the wrong driver being installed. By default windows will install the AVRISP mkII with the Jungo drivers. You will see it listed under Jungo in the Device Manager. To fix, you need to update the driver associated with AVRISP mkII

Update Driver->Let windows search for driver->No->Install from a specific location->Don't search->I will choose driver to install-> arduino-1.0.1\hardware\tools\avr\utils\libusb\bin.

After the install, the Device Manager will have a new listing for LibUSB-Win32 Devices, underneath it will have an entry for AVRISP mkII.


Thank you so much. All the other posts said to use the dll in the main folder for arduino and it ill work. Not it has to have inf file to install in winXPsp3. You found that. Thank you.