Unclear external power instructions

Hello everybody, Can someone awnser this question: What does "Make sure the jumper is removed from the motor shield"mean in these instructions?

"If you would like to have 2 seperate DC power supplies for the Arduino and motors. Plug in the supply for the Arduino into the DC jack, and connect the motor supply to the PWR_EXT block. Make sure the jumper is removed from the motor shield." (what jumper... :0)

Here is the link for the motor shield: http://www.ladyada.net/make/mshield/use.html

Please help... Thank you!

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(This really should have been in the motors section, it has NOTHING to do with programming)

On the http://www.ladyada.net/make/mshield/index.html page when you move the mouse over the picture a pop will say "DC adaptor or Ext. Power" when your mouse is pointing at the jumper. Remove the little plastic "bridge" it connects the two pins. Bridge in place - your using the Arduino supply jack. Bridge removed - you have to supply power to the motor shield on the blue block (another mouse-over pop up: "External power")

Thanks a lot! (next time, i will put it in the right category).

Oh, and how do you add multiple switch pins on the arduino (Ex: int switchPin = 9 2;) I want to have pins 9 and 2 as 2 different switch pins. How do i do this? Thanks, Frank-duino

how do you add multiple switch pins on the arduino

Use two different variables.

Good idea! :-) Thanks

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