Unclear on Arduino Create Agent installation

I am unclear on how to proceed. I started the process by clicking on the Start button (obvious). The next screen is puzzling, it explains the three steps : download, installation, congratulations but there is no continue button ! Just a small comment : file is on Github with a link.. So I went to github. downloaded the zip file for Windows and extracted it.. There is no setup.exe or start.exe in the extracted files.. So I guess the product is NOT installed.. I would be glad if anybody could explain what to do and how to check if the agent is actually installed ..
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Your installation process

Have a look at our Help Center article related to installing the Create Agent.
Help Center: How to install the Arduino Create Agent – Arduino Help Center
Try to follow the steps and if you are still having issues please provide more information.

Hi jjojobaa

Thanks for the advice that did not help as I already had gone through these pages.. I progressed however on my discovery of ioT cloud : thing creation and sketch and at a given time, the system dowloaded an exe file which installed the Agent.. making the zip file useless. I encountered however other issues on which I am working now

Thank you for the update. Happy to hear that issue has been solved for now.