"undefined reference" problem

Hi there,
I’d need help whith the following:

I’ve tried to convert the AVR ATtiny example from http://codeandlife.com/ to arduino IDE.

I’ve added a few “const” in usbdrv.c and changed a few typecastings so far…
BUT now i’m getting the following error messages:

test4.cpp.o: In function loop': D:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino/test4.ino:306: undefined reference to usbInit()’
D:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino/test4.ino:321: undefined reference to usbPoll()' D:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino/test4.ino:327: undefined reference to usbSetInterrupt(unsigned char*, unsigned char)’
collect2.exe: error: ld returned 1 exit status
Error compiling.

I’ve attached the usbdrv library (usbdrv.zip) and the sketch (test4.ino).

I’ve compiled for my tinyusbboard, in case this matters.

Could anyone help me out with that?

THANKS for any further help.

(I’ve been using the rellay great VUSBHDIKeyboardMouse lib so far, but as for running out of memory, and as i “only” need a lib to send keys to pc AND get the caps lock state, i’ve to go this way…)

usbdrv.zip (115 KB)

test4.ino (11.3 KB)