undefined reference to `digitalWrite'

We are just starting to learn how to use the Arduino and I am pretty sure I didn't install it correctly since when I try to compile my code it gives errors that the procedures digitalWrite, delay, and pinMode are undefined. I tried to copy the files from the "Windows ZIP file for non admin install" to a new folder I made called "c:\program files\arduino-1.x" I also tried to run "Windows Installer " which created a folder in "my documents" called "Arduino" which I then copied the "lib" and "library" folders from the zip folder that I down loaded from the web site. None of this worked. Please help me figure out how to install the software properly.

I am on a window's machine and am using a UNO. Thanks.

Hi, welcome to the forum.

You should not copy the "lib" and "library" from the zip file.

Use the new Arduino IDE 1.6.0. I use the zip-file for non-admin install myself. Unzip it into a folder and run Arduino from that folder. In the menu, you find examples. Try the "Blink" example. It should compile.

If you need to install custom libraries, you can do that from within the Arduino IDE. The easiest way is with a zip-file of the custom library. Do you need a custom library ? which one ? why ?