Understand blink w/out delay tutorial but what about other devices?

Hey guys. I've been trying to understand the blink w/out delay tutorials for the last two days, and understand that you may need to use "ledState" as a comment when setting up your pins. My question is; (and I've searched and tried to find the answer),

If I want to have the same blinking effect that you can program an LED with but with an H-bridge turning a motor on and off, what would I write instead of "ledState" is there another comment I should use?

I don't care which direction the H-bridge is causing the motor to move, but I'm trying to get it to turn on and off in an almost "blinky" fashion like with an LED. Any help is appreciated. Thank you!

int ledPin = 13; // the number of the LED pin
int ledState = LOW; // ledState used to set the LED
unsigned long previousMillis = 0; // will store last time LED was updated
long OnTime = 250; // milliseconds of on-time
long OffTime = 750; // milliseconds of off-time

ledState is not a comment. It is a variable that contains a value.

Have a look at the demo Several Things at a Time. It is an extended example of BWoD and may give you a broader perspective of the concept.

You need to post your complete program if you want help. And please use the code button </> so your code looks like this and is easy to copy to a text editor


what would I write instead of "ledState" is there another comment I should use?

As Robin has pointed out ledState is not a comment but the name of a variable. The compiler does not care what name you use for variables (not quite true but don't let's get into that) so if you want to turn a motor on and off using the value of a variable named ledState (or Ian for that matter) it will work. However, it makes more sense to humans if variables have meaningful names such as motorState when changing the state of a pin controlling as motor.