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Hello everyone!
I am a Danish student, about to write an (important) paper on Arduino (Just the basics). For this, I have to chose a project, which I can explain to my teacher. I chose a fairly "simple" one - The color recognizer with the Adafruit Pixel ring. I've downloaded the Arduino file, but I just don't understand what each command does. I am in desperate need of help. Is there a kind soul that would be willing to write what each command means by each line in "//this" manner and in a language that most people would understand? The file itself is not very long, so I don't think it would take much time.
Anyhow, I would greatly appreciate any help I could get.
If you see this, please send me an e-mail:

Thank you so much for your time and have a great day!

Malak! :))

When is our assignment due ?

What will be your contribution to this (important) paper? You didn't write the code and you need somebody to explain it to you.

in a language that most people would understand?

Chinese or Hindi?

but I just don't understand what each command does.

The usual place to start is with a book or an on line tutorial on the C/C++ programming language.

The Arduino program development software (the IDE) comes with many simple projects that allow you to practice what you are learning, very cheaply.

Or if you look at the top of this page under Resources you'll find something called "Reference". It contains a convenient listing of the Arduino language 'commands'. Click on one and you'll get some useful information then you can do your own cut and paste into your important paper.


Start working your way through the code line by line. When you reach a line you don't understand, start researching for information. You will use the Arduino Language Reference, the documentation and example sketches for any libraries you're using, C++ references like this one, and Google as sources.

Once you think you understand the line, verify that you do by writing a test sketch or making a modification to that line in the sketch you're working on and then checking that it has the expected behavior.

If you have spent a few hours of earnest research effort on a single line and still don't understand it, you can come back here and ask for help.

Our purpose here is to help people learn. If we just do your assignment for you, then we will have failed in that goal, you will have learned nothing (other than that there are suckers on the Arduino Forum), so everyone loses in the deal.

Chinese or Hindi?

+1 for that! :sunglasses:

(Actually truthful!)

+1 for that! :sunglasses:

(Actually truthful!)

If one is talking about native speakers of Hindi or Chinese specifically Mandarin dialect of Chinese, it is truthful.

But with English if one counts all people who also know some of English as their second language.


I forgot about Spanish

As much as I like Spanish (currently learning the language), it is spoken by only about 500M people worldwide.

Fortunately, most of those people are friendly, live in warm, sunny countries, many of which also offer inexpensive living and nice beaches.

Wikipedia ranks

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(My original tongue-in-cheek post was just a guess)

…and you didnt even post the PUBLIC code for us to review either? (really making us do ALL thr work here…eh?) :stuck_out_tongue: