Understanding L298 Motor drive board and Sensor Extension Board V5

I am purchasing a robot car. I want to understand the connection of Sensor Extension Board V5. The picture which i am attaching is make me confusing. The connection are made on the LCD interface. While i saw movies on you-tube they are connect on the other points. Can we also use LCD interface for the join the cables with L298 Motor shield.


Yes you can use these pins.

The LCD interface on the sensor shield is added so you can easily attach the LCD interface to it. But you can use these pins for other purposes as well.

If you haven't purchased the L298 driver, you might take the opportunity to review that decision. It's a very old, inefficient technology, with significant energy wastage.

You could start by checking this list for modern alternatives based on your voltage and current needs, but other suppliers are worth investigating too.

Its mean that LCD points are same for exp. D1 = S1 , D2=S2 . or I can use D1 or S1 separate.