Understanding MKR1000 schematic

Hi I’m relatively new to all this and I was trying to understand the MKR1000 schematic. Everything seems straightforward except a semiconductor connected to ground and nothing else in the bottom left of the second page. Does anyone know what this does or what it connects to? Thanks.

MKR1000-schematic.pdf (42.6 KB)

It's the unused half of a dual-transistor. The other half (and several identical transistors) are used as part of the (overly complex, IMO) power selection logic. A single-device transistor would avoid "wasting" the transistor, but it wouldn't be any smaller, physically, would result in an addition part added to the bill of materials, and isn't actually much (any?) cheaper.

Just making sure I understand you correctly, I can just remove this portion from the schematic and it wouldn't change anything in terms of functionality, right?

I can just remove this portion from the schematic and it wouldn't change anything

As far as I know. I don't know if those dual transistors have "strong" recommendations connect unused inputs. In theory, you're supposed to do that with logic-level inputs to ICs...

I agree with what westfw said but as far as removing from the schematic, well, you can remove it from the schematic but the pins must be grounded as shown. You could ground all 3 if you like. You should not leave MOSFET pins floating because of the risk of static damage. If you leave them floating on a 2 transistor chip then you are exposing the other transistor to possible damage from high voltage on the unused transistor's pins. No telling where on the chip any high voltage might end up, safer just to ground it and make sure it doesn't get in in the first place.